What We Do


We provide customized legal solutions to all types of businesses.  Whether you are a business that can use some legal guidance or a busy law department that needs a little extra help, Business Lawgix can design a solution that meets your needs. 


From our comprehensive integrated General In-house Counsel Services to project work, and everything in between, we will customize a solution that fits your business needs.  In addition to the normal stuff that lawyers do, we offer a host of other valuable services, including legal training for your staff, legal auditing and legal consulting. 


We free you up so you can focus on your core competence and execute your Roadmap to Success.

What Business Lawgix Do and How We Do It.

How We Do It


Wouldn't it be refreshing if your lawyer took the time to understand your business? 


Well... that is the first thing that we do in every engagement.  By gaining an understanding of your goals, strategic plans and challenges, we can offer greater value to your business. 


Armed with this understanding, we design tailored solutions that suit your business.  Then we assign an experienced lawyer to spearhead the project and we execute the heck out of it.   Throughout our engagement we evaluate the solutions to make sure that we are on track. 


We assess our lawyers based on the value that they deliver not the number of billable hours.  So our lawyers are focused on doing what is best for your business.


We limit the number of clients that our lawyers serve, so you get the attention that you need.  We always keep you in the loop so you can stay current and informed about your legal affairs.

Tailored Solutions

The Kind of Things We Do


•  Corporate and Business Law


•  Franchise Law


•  In-House Counsel Services


•  Solutions and Services for:

•  Consulting and Coaching Services




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