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Business Lawgix is not your traditional law firm, but we are still a law firm.  So we do things like give legal advice, handle business transactions, draft and review all sorts of documents, etc.  You know... the usual lawyer stuff.


We offer legal services (with an emphasis on "service") to all kinds of businesses in various industries, from local IT enterprises to global manufacturing concerns; from new ventures to mature establishments; from food services to financial services. Whatever your business is, we've got you covered.


To give you a flavour of the types of transactions that we deal with, below is a partial list of the more common transactions that our lawyers have been asked to handle:

  • Equipment Leasing
  • Outsourcing Arrangements
  • Development and Commercialization
  • Marketing/Advertising Programs
  • Privacy Compliance
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Shareholders Arrangements
  • Corporate Reorganizations
  • Litigation Management
  • and much, much more.


Customized Legal Solutions to Meet Your Needs