Things that People have Asked Us...


Do you offer a free consultation?


As you may appreciate, the type of legal solutions that we offer involve lots of background work.  Although we will not charge you to find out if we can help you (and we believe that this is something all lawyers should do), there is a point beyond which charges would be appropriate.  We will always let you know when charges are applicable. 


If you want a detailed legal analysis of your business or situation, we provide Legal Audit Services.  Depending on the solutions that we design for your business, in some cases, the cost of the legal audit may be credited towards your account.  


Got a Question?


We would be happy to Answer it.

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How do you bill for your services?



At Business Lawgix we customize our services to fit your business, so it follows that our fees are dependent on the service solutions that we provide.  Before we start an engagement, we will sit down with you, let you know what we will do and how we are going to charge. 


It is not our preference to charge by the hour.  However, we understand that at this point in the legal market, charging by the hour is still the norm, and sometimes charging by the hour is the only thing that makes sense.  We do our best to give you an estimate of how much something is going to cost.  When we are charging by the hour, we will let you know periodically the status of your legal fees so you can make informed decisions.


The bottom line is that we charge reasonable rates, and when we say "disbursements" we mean real disbursements.  We don't nickel-and-dime you for telephone and photocopy charges.



Do you charge extra for customizing a legal solution?



No.  We customize legal solutions for your business so that we can provide you with solutions that actually fit your business. Customization is part of the service at Business Lawgix and we never charge extra for that.



Do I have to to meet you at your office?



We recognize that sometimes business people don't have the time to fight through traffic to come see us.  So, we offer our clients on-site service at no extra charge.  Sometimes privacy and/or confidentiality concerns make meeting at our client's place of business impractical. In such cases, we will do our best to accommodate our clients, like meeting at a boardroom of a third party facility.  But, if all else fails, we have an office in Toronto and one in Oakville to accommodate the needs of our clients. 



Do I have to stop using my current lawyer if I hire you?



Well, the short answer is "No".  At Business Lawgix we offer customized legal service solutions for your business.  If your current lawyer is providing your business with good quality legal services, that's terrific...we can design solutions that work with your current lawyer and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the legal service that you receive.



I already have a lawyer.  What benefits can you add?



The benefits that Business Lawgix can bring are multifaceted, so it is difficult to fully articulate the benefits of using our services.  Ultimately, the benefits are having legal solutions that best fit your business. 


Sometimes, there are efficiencies that can be gained through our legal solutions that simply are not cost effective for your current lawyer to offer.  For example, we can incorporate legal audit services, legal training and other valuable services, with our solutions.  Most law firms could not (or should not) charge at their normal hourly rate for these type of services, especially when the average rate for a first year associate is billed at $250.00 or more.  


Contact us. We would be happy to take a look at your business and let you know what we can bring to the table.