General In-House Counsel Services


There is a strategic advantage for a business to have business-oriented legal advice throughout its day-to-day operations.   Hiring a good in-house counsel is an effective way of acquiring such strategic advantage.  However, the hiring of an in-house counsel may not always fit with the current strategic plan of the organization.  In response, Business Lawgix has designed a cost effective solution for businesses that wish to secure the benefits of an in-house counsel without having to actually hire one. 


Our General In-house Counsel Services represent a leap forward in the delivery of business oriented legal services.  We assess the legal needs of your business and design a solution that will address those needs.  We set up a mutually agreeable schedule and assign a senior lawyer to attend at your office to act as General Counsel for your business. We take care of your legal needs so you can focus on running your business.


Our solution does not increase your head count and relieves your business of the administrative burden of employing an in-house lawyer.   


Let Us Take Care of Your Legal Needs.