Franchising In Canada


In Canada there are currently 4 jurisdictions that have laws specifically relating to franchising; Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick and PEI.  Manitoba is next in line to put legislation in place and other Provinces and Territories are bound to follow.   These laws add certain complexities to the franchising process, and are designed to increase legislative protection primarily for Franchisees.


At Business Lawgix we act for both Franchisors and Franchisees.  Franchsing is a unique discipline distinct from the underlying business that is being franchised.  Our lawyers have the legal and business accumen to provide you with strategic advice and guidance throughout the franchising process.











Whether you are a budding Franchsior looking to franchise your business, or an established Franchsior looking for ways to make your Franchise system work better, we can help. 


When you are ready to expand and add Franchise Systems to your empire, we can help you with your due diligence, the acquisition transaction and the integration of the new Franchise System(s) into your existing operations. 


When the time comes to reorganize your business or to divest all or part of your existing Franchise System(s), we can help you through that as well.



Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to buy your first Franchise or a seasoned Franchisee looking to add to your portfolio of Franchises, we can help you assess the opportunities, understand the process and navigate the documents. 


Like any type of business, whether you are buying or running a franchise there are a multitude of risks involved.  We can help you find ways to limit your risks. 


When you are ready to sell your Franchise(s), we can hep you through the transition.



We are an Invaluable Strategic Partner for your Franchise Business.



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